• 22-February-2018

    Attorney James DeSimone Featured on Gurvey’s Law Talk Show

    James DeSimone was recently featured on Gurvey’s Law, a talk show on KABC AM790 in the Los Angeles market. In this interview, attorneys Alan Gurvey and James DeSimone discuss love in the workplace, what’s appropriate and inappropriate, and what types of behavior cross the line into sexual harassment. As an expert employment litigation attorney who’s […]

  • 21-February-2018

    Attorney James DeSimone Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

    Attorney James DeSimone was featured in the February 2018 edition of “Attorney At Law” magazine which can be viewed here. The article is a great piece on the history of the law firm, how Mr. DeSimone became interested in employment & civil rights law, and how he approaches his practice. V. James DeSimone Law is […]

  • 19-February-2018

    James DeSimone Interviewed on Dominate Law Podcast

    Attorney James DeSimone was recently featured on Dominate Law’s podcast, and explores his history and background. In this interview, DeSimone discusses the recent movie “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”, the case of Steven Avery on “Making a Murderer”, the US bail system and seeking justice in the United States. You can listen to the entire interview […]

  • 19-February-2018

    Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

    Sexual harassment in the workplace has been an issue for many years, and V. James DeSimone has been involved with some landmark cases. With recent accounts of Hollywood icons and political representatives engaging in blatant sexual harassment, individuals are finally being forced to be held accountable for their actions. Although it’s a positive move towards […]

  • 14-February-2018

    Orange County Coroner’s 2017 Body Mix-Up Even Worse Than Reported

    Feb. 14, 2018 SANTA ANA, Calif. — One afternoon last spring Frank Kerrigan was told that his homeless, mentally ill son was found dead behind a store in Fountain Valley, Calif. A funeral home received the body, a funeral was held and the family grieved the loss of Frankie Jr.   For 17 days they […]

  • 12-February-2018

    California Paycheck & Compensation Laws

    As the cost of living in California rises every year, the need for a higher salary or hourly wage is almost mandatory. While most people are structuring their year on how they will accomplish big goals, others are dealing with employers who are struggling to pay them on time or holding their paychecks hostage. In […]

  • 5-February-2018

    4 Things You Need to Know About California’s Immigrant Worker Protection Act AB-450

    Effective January 1, 2018, California’s Immigrant Worker Protection Act has raised serious questions to both employees and employers about government intrusion into the workplace. Many undocumented immigrant workers are scared the government will conduct sweeps unexpectedly at their job site and begin deportation action. However, the immigrant worker protection act (AB-450) protects immigrant workers from […]

  • 27-December-2017

    Attorney DeSimone Interview

    James DeSimone was interviewed on KNX News on the topic of age discrimination and discriminatory job postings by Facebook and other companies. You can listen to the legal information and analysis here. If you feel you have been discriminated from a job opportunity, call Attorney James DeSimone today!

  • 7-December-2017

    Discovery in Employment Civil Rights Cases: Finding Where the Bodies are Buried

    “Discovery in Employment Civil Rights Cases: Finding Where the Bodies are Buried” is an article I wrote for Advocate in April of 2006. Click the link in this article to download the PDF and contact me with any comments or questions. DeSimone CAALA discovery article

  • 1-November-2017

    Jim DeSimone is Honored as Westside Bar Association’s 2017 Trial Attorney of the Year

    Congratulations to Attorney Jim DeSimone as he is Honored as Westside Bar Association’s 2017 Trial Attorney of the Year! Job well done Attorney DeSimone.

  • 25-July-2017

    Honored as Top Labor and Employment Lawyer in 2017

    Attorney V. James DeSimone has been honored as a Top Labor and Employment Lawyer in California yet again in 2017 by the Daily Journal! Read more from his article below!

  • 20-December-2016

    Attorney DeSimone Achieves $4 Million Settlement for Family of Brendon Glenn in Wrongful Death Caused by LAPD Police Officer

    Brendon Glenn’s Death Due to Unjustified and Excessive Deadly Force On May 5, 2015, an African American man by the name of Brendon Glenn, was shot and killed after being battered by police on the Venice boardwalk. The LAPD police officer who shot him, Officer Proctor, told investigators that he had seen Glenn’s hand touching […]

  • 14-October-2016

    V. James DeSimone Honored as a Best Lawyer in Labor and Employment Law

    Attorney V. James DeSimone has been named to the list of 2017 Best Lawyers® for his outstanding work in the legal field. This is only awarded to the top lawyers in the U.S. who have been nominated by their colleagues, peer reviewed, and passed rigorous eligibility requirements. This a tremendous honor for Attorney V. James […]

  • 19-September-2016

    Family of Los Angeles Sheriff Department Shooting Victim Files Federal Lawsuit

    LOS ANGELES, CALIF. (Sept. 19, 2016) – The discovery of a video from a nearby nursery school of Los Angeles Sheriff deputies shooting an 18-year-old man in Norwalk, Calif., revealed, among other things, that the deputy shot the youth within 2 seconds of pulling over in an unmarked car. The deputies gave no warning or […]

  • 21-July-2016

    Honored as a Top Labor and Employment Attorney in California

    Attorney V. James DeSimone has been rated as a Top Labor & Employment Lawyer in California by the Los Angeles Daily Law Journal. This is a tremendous honor and speaks to his dedication to his clients, his oustanding legal experience, and history of successful case results.

  • 18-March-2016

    Workplace Violence Wrongful Termination Case

    $2.4 Million Verdict Plus $5 Million In Punitive Damages Awarded In Workplace Violence And Wrongful Termination Lawsuit LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2016) – – – Los Angeles employment lawyers Jim DeSimone of V. James DeSimone Law and Kaveh Navab of Navab Law yesterday obtained a $2.4 million verdict plus $5 million in punitive damages on […]

  • 11-March-2016

    Johnson v. UCP Case: Pregnancy Discrimination Case

    On April 30, 2009, the court sided with Dewandra Johnson in the case against the United Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children Foundation of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Johnson, who used to work for UCP as caregiver, claimed that she was unfairly terminated because she was pregnant and because she took a leave relating to her […]

  • 26-February-2016


    The recent publicity surrounding episodes of police violence around the country makes clear that police officers need to be properly trained and prompt and thorough investigations and corrective action must be taken against officers who unnecessarily use force against individuals, especially those who are disabled. When National Guardsman shot and killed students on the campus […]

  • 26-February-2016


    “Is she dead yet?” Simultaneous feelings of excitement and disgust ran through me as I read this line while reviewing pages and pages of email correspondence amongst employees of a major corporate defendant. The particular email was sent from a co-worker of my client to his supervisor and was sent on the very same day […]

  • 26-February-2016


    Discrimination consisting of unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed at an employee because of his or her sex. The motivation for the unwelcome conduct or comments can be sexual attraction or hostility. The harassment can involve same sex harassment or harassment between a man and a woman. 1. Sexual Harassment must be unwelcome. Inform the […]