Blog posts in Year: 2015

  • 2-December-2015

    Police Shooting in Hawthorne Settled with $1 Million Payout

    On July 1, 1990, 20-year-old Terrence Williams was shot and killed by a Hawthorne Police Officers after escaping from Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. The son of Loretta Brown and Naymon Williams was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. His family was concerned about him so they took him to the hospital to have him evaluated and so he […]

  • 18-November-2015

    New York Post on L.A. Sex Suits

    In June 1992, the New York Post wrote an article featuring the cases of two clients represented by Attorney James DeSimone. The article highlighted DeSimone’s involvement in the sexual harassment lawsuits in Hollywood and the entertainment industry at the time. Penny Muck, a 28-year-old secretary, and Wayne Mogilefsky, a 23-year-old screenwriter, came to DeSimone alleging […]