Blog posts in Month: March 2016

  • 18-March-2016

    Workplace Violence Wrongful Termination Case

    $2.4 Million Verdict Plus $5 Million In Punitive Damages Awarded In Workplace Violence And Wrongful Termination Lawsuit LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2016) – – – Los Angeles employment lawyers Jim DeSimone of V. James DeSimone Law and Kaveh Navab of Navab Law yesterday obtained a $2.4 million verdict plus $5 million in punitive damages on […]

  • 11-March-2016

    Johnson v. UCP Case: Pregnancy Discrimination Case

    On April 30, 2009, the court sided with Dewandra Johnson in the case against the United Cerebral Palsy Spastic Children Foundation of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Johnson, who used to work for UCP as caregiver, claimed that she was unfairly terminated because she was pregnant and because she took a leave relating to her […]