Blog posts in Month: March 2018

  • 18-March-2018

    Excessive Force by Police Officers

    At times, when a police officer arrests someone who is suspected of, or is committing a crime, they must use physical force.  When the suspect appears to pose an immediate threat to the safety of an officer or third-parties, police may legally exert reasonable force as established by law enforcement policies, procedures, and laws. However, […]

  • 9-March-2018

    Former LAPD Officer Not Charged in Fatal Shooting of Brendon Glenn

    V. James DeSimone, attorney for Brendon Glenn’s family, offers these comments on behalf of his clients: “The family of Brendon Glenn is very disappointed that charges will not be filed. Officer Proctor did not act to deescalate the situation. Prior to shooting Brendon Glenn, he assaulted him in an aggressive and violent fashion. This tragic […]