Blog posts in Month: August 2018

  • 29-August-2018

    It’s Time to Reform Los Angeles Jails

    The activist group Reform L.A. Jails’ voice against the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ proposed $3.5 billion budget to expand the jail system was heard loud and clear during an April 5 rally to protest the Board’s proposal. If the County taxpayer-funded budget makes its way onto the November 6 ballot and is passed, […]

  • 17-August-2018

    Lawsuit filed alleging Race, gender discrimination at Los Angeles World Airport Police Department

    Wrongful termination is part of a pattern against African American leaders, according to lawsuit filed by fired lieutenant Aug. 16, 2018 Los Angeles, Calif. — The head of the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department engaged in systemic racism against African American lieutenants, commanding officers and sergeants since he took over the agency less than […]

  • 16-August-2018

    V. James DeSimone: Giving Back to the Community

    As a deeply committed advocate for the oppressed, underprivileged, and marginalized of society, early in his career attorney James DeSimone began his career in 1987 representing lower-income families and individuals who needed but could not afford an attorney. When he started in private law practice, his work has been firmly grounded in his passionate belief […]