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Pretrial Incarcerated Defendants Seek Freedom in California

It is not a crime to be poor in the United States. Therefore, lengthy pretrial incarceration of individuals charged with, but not convicted of, a crime is a violation of…

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California Employees Can Look Forward to Positive and Significant Workplace Changes

In the interest of employee rights and concerns, California Governor Jerry Brown signed significant and positive employee-friendly legislation that took  effect January 1, 2019. The bills Governor Brown signed cover…

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Esteemed California Lawyer’s Relentless Fight for Minorities’ Civil Rights

In March 2018, legislation was introduced by U.S. representative, Mike Takano, that would require federal authorities to examine unfair racial disparities in California auto insurance premiums.  Takano’s legislation was proposed…

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Judge Grants Trial in San Bernardino Sheriff Helicopter Shooting

On February 1, 2019, Judge Donna Garza, of the San Bernardino Superior Court, gave the Villegas family the green light to proceed to trial by denying the County of San…

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