• 7-April-2019

    DeSimone to argue in 9th Circuit on December 9 2015 in Federal Civil Rights case of Xue Lu vs. United States of America.

    On December 9, 2015, at 9:00 a.m, V. James DeSimone will argue to preserve the $1.2 million verdict and $881,000 in attorneys’ fees awarded in the Federal Civil Rights case of Xue Lu and Jie Hao v. United States of America. When Xue Lu came into his office sixteen years ago, DeSimone could not have […]

  • 10-June-2019

    Carmen Sabater was recently named as a rising star on Superlawyers

    Carmen Sabater is honored as a Rising Star California SuperLawyer in California for 2019. Carmen Sabater represents people in employment, civil rights, and personal injury matters. After retiring as a Police Officer with the New York Police Department, Carmen turned to law. She began her legal career by getting certified as a paralegal and certified as a mediator […]

  • 23-May-2019

    U.S. Department of Labor Asserts Certain Wage Theft Scenarios Constitute Modern Day Slavery

    San Francisco Based Employee Rights Attorney Battles For Fair Pay In 1863, when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, slavery was made illegal. And while most Americans denounce our country’s dark history, there are still thousands of people in the U.S. working without pay or below minimum wage. When this occurs, it can be considered […]

  • 16-May-2019

    The United States Constitution Protects All Persons On American Soil Los Angeles, California Civil Rights Attorney Battles For Immigrants’ Rights

    It comes as a surprise to most people who live in America that the United States Constitution provides the same protections to all persons on our country’s soil, not just its citizens. Although there are some rights only citizens have, such as voting in presidential elections, most other rights provided by the Constitution are for […]

  • 9-May-2019

    Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney—Representing Individuals Falsely Arrested

    An Ardent Supporter Of Individuals’ Constitutional Rights, Attorney V. James DeSimone Builds Strong Cases Against Police Misconduct   False arrests and imprisonment by police–“police misconduct”—are nothing new. And such incidents are not as unusual as the public would prefer to believe, evidenced by the rash of reported false arrests and imprisonment by police in recent […]

  • 2-May-2019

    City of Westminster Sued by Employee Citing Anti-Semitic and Anti-Latino Treatment

    Westminster, CA – April 25, 2019 – A City of Westminster employee filed a lawsuit in OC Superior Court alleging he was the victim of repeated anti-Semitic and anti-Latino slurs and mistreatment, and that the City ignored his repeated complaints forcing him to endure years of racist behavior and retaliation by his coworkers and supervisors. […]

  • 18-April-2019

    Daniel Garza – LAPD and Former Police Chief Charlie Beck Liable for Officer’s Police Brutality

    Trial in Daniel Garza Lawsuit to Hold the LAPD and Former Police Chief Charlie Beck Liable for Officer’s Police Brutality by Promoting the Officer After a Federal Court Jury’s Verdict for Malicious Civil Rights Violation April 15, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – A Federal Judge issued a monumental decision late Friday, April 12th, holding […]

  • 5-March-2019

    The DMV is Required to Publish a Driver’s Handbook that Includes Citizen’s Civil Rights During a California Police Stop

    Amid the profusion of increasing claims of civil rights violations during California traffic stops, on September 23, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 2918, Chapter 723, that requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to include in their Driver’s Handbook a car operator’s and their passengers’ rights when a police officer pulls over […]

  • 27-February-2019

    Pretrial Incarcerated Defendants Seek Freedom in California

    It is not a crime to be poor in the United States. Therefore, lengthy pretrial incarceration of individuals charged with, but not convicted of, a crime is a violation of their Constitutional rights. When a poor person can’t afford to pay their bond so they can be released from jail pending trial, but a rich […]

  • 20-February-2019

    California Employees Can Look Forward to Positive and Significant Workplace Changes

    In the interest of employee rights and concerns, California Governor Jerry Brown signed significant and positive employee-friendly legislation that took  effect January 1, 2019. The bills Governor Brown signed cover sexual harassment, mandatory supervisor and employee sexual harassment training, gender quotas for publicly traded corporations, limitations on criminal history inquiries, lactation accommodations, expanded paid family […]

  • 9-February-2019

    Esteemed California Lawyer’s Relentless Fight for Minorities’ Civil Rights

    In March 2018, legislation was introduced by U.S. representative, Mike Takano, that would require federal authorities to examine unfair racial disparities in California auto insurance premiums.  Takano’s legislation was proposed after Consumer Reports and ProPublica co-published articles reporting that some major auto insurers are charging higher premiums in supposedly “risky” California African American and Hispanic neighborhoods […]

  • 1-February-2019

    Judge Grants Trial in San Bernardino Sheriff Helicopter Shooting

    Villegas Family shooting

    On February 1, 2019, Judge Donna Garza, of the San Bernardino Superior Court, gave the Villegas family the green light to proceed to trial by denying the County of San Bernardino’s Motion for Summary Judgement.  Judge Garza specifically noted that the San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies in a police helicopter increased the risk of harm to […]

  • 29-November-2018

    V. James DeSimone Law Obtains $500,000 Punitive Damages

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Awards $500,000 in Punitive Damages Against The Wheel Group for Firing their Employee Because She Had Cancer In the case of Maria Lopez et al. vs. Wheel Group Holdings dba The Wheel Group, BC 545112, the trial Judge Randolph Hammock awarded $500,000 in punitive damages against the company for firing […]

  • 17-September-2018

    Understanding FMLA and the California Family Rights Act

    Ideally, all covered employers would easily understand and have the compassion and resources to comply with the requirements of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). When an employee has worked for an employer under specific guidelines, they are legally permitted to take up to 26 weeks […]

  • 7-September-2018

    Understanding SB396 – Transgender Work Opportunity Act

    Many progressive Californians continue to push against sex discrimination in the workplace under the protections of Title VII of the 1963 Civil Rights Act and recently enacted Senate Bill (SB) 396, and progress is being made. The 2017 SB396, titled the Transgender Work Opportunity Act, expands sex discrimination protections to include fair employment regarding gender […]

  • 29-August-2018

    It’s Time to Reform Los Angeles Jails

    The activist group Reform L.A. Jails’ voice against the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ proposed $3.5 billion budget to expand the jail system was heard loud and clear during an April 5 rally to protest the Board’s proposal. If the County taxpayer-funded budget makes its way onto the November 6 ballot and is passed, […]

  • 17-August-2018

    Lawsuit filed alleging Race, gender discrimination at Los Angeles World Airport Police Department

    Wrongful termination is part of a pattern against African American leaders, according to lawsuit filed by fired lieutenant Aug. 16, 2018 Los Angeles, Calif. — The head of the Los Angeles World Airports Police Department engaged in systemic racism against African American lieutenants, commanding officers and sergeants since he took over the agency less than […]

  • 16-August-2018

    V. James DeSimone: Giving Back to the Community

    As a deeply committed advocate for the oppressed, underprivileged, and marginalized of society, early in his career attorney James DeSimone began his career in 1987 representing lower-income families and individuals who needed but could not afford an attorney. When he started in private law practice, his work has been firmly grounded in his passionate belief […]

  • 16-July-2018

    A Brief History of Gender Discrimination Laws and Milestones

    It has been nearly 60 years since the Women’s Liberation Movement began in 1960 and the birth control pill was federally approved, thereby allowing women more freedom to make life and career choices. As the movement progressed and women began entering the paid workforce in higher numbers than ever in American history, cries over disparity […]

  • 29-May-2018

    Todd Williamson vs Villa Marina Marketplace

    Todd Williamson Sues Mall A broken elevator limits mall access for longtime AMC Theatre employee with cerebral palsy and others with disabilities. LOS ANGELES, May 30, 2018 – For an employee with cerebral palsy, a broken elevator is much more than a simple inconvenience. For Todd Williamson, it means never being able to leave his […]