• 29-May-2018

    Todd Williamson vs Villa Marina Marketplace

    Villa Marina Marketplace violates disability rights laws, lawsuit says An elevator that’s been broken for more than a year limits mall access for longtime AMC Theatre employee with cerebral palsy and others with disabilities. LOS ANGELES, May 30, 2018 – For an employee with cerebral palsy, a broken elevator is much more than a simple […]

  • 29-May-2018

    Police Harassment and a Citizen’s Constitutional Rights

    As American citizens, we expect police to treat us fairly and keep us safe. It is their foremost responsibility to protect the public, an often difficult task, and that includes protecting our Constitutional and civil rights. Though they encounter challenging situations as a matter of duty, they are trained to respect and comply with Constitutional, […]

  • 23-May-2018

    Pursuing a False Imprisonment or False Arrest Lawsuit in Los Angeles

    Once you’ve been falsely arrested and/or falsely imprisoned, not only could you be traumatized and embarrassed, but when a case is publicly recorded, your social and professional reputation may also be tarnished. Because of the false arrest, (even if you were later found not-guilty of the suspected offense), others may still view you as a […]

  • 14-May-2018

    Data on the Use of Deadly Force by California Police

    With the recent killing by Sacramento, California police of 22-two-year old, Stephon Clark, who was unarmed in his grandparents’ backyard, the issue of deadly force has blasted into the nation’s headlines once again. Alarmingly, the number of citizens killed by police yearly in the United States is increasing. In 2016, the Sacramento Bee reported that […]

  • 9-May-2018

    Brendon Glenn Memorial Rally in Venice Beach

    Federal prosecutors should pursue charges against LAPD officer, family’s attorney says. Venice, Calif. —  It’s been three years since Brendon Glenn was shot to death by Los Angeles Police officer Clifford Proctor outside a bar on the Venice boardwalk. A memorial rally was held Saturday, May 5, 2018.  to honor Glenn’s life. Community activist groups […]

  • 7-May-2018

    Defining a Hostile Work Environment and Your Rights

    You’re there to do your job, and you’re doing what you feel is your best. But if while you are focused on work tasks you’re distracted by hostility and bullying, your job performance and overall well-being are affected. Simply being annoyed or irritated by people or occurrences on-the-job is not the legal definition of a […]

  • 24-April-2018

    Attorney James DeSimone Interview With Dr. Drew Pinsky

    In April of 2018, Dr. Drew Pinsky, (known from his work as a host on Loveline, Celebrity Rehab and Teen Mom), interviewed V. James DeSimone, the attorney for Brandon Glenn’s family. The police shooting of Brandon Glenn, (an unarmed, homeless black man), happened in the city of Venice in 2015 and gained national media attention […]

  • 23-April-2018

    Pregnancy Job Discrimination – Laws, Rights & Remedies

    When a woman is pregnant or has recently given birth, she is entitled to the same civil rights as any other employee.  Failure by an employer to meet the federal and state laws created to protect pregnant employees is considered sex discrimination, a violation of civil rights, which is prohibited by Title VII of the […]

  • 6-April-2018

    Using California’s Civil Code to Prosecute Civil Rights Cases

    Using California Civil Code Section 52.1 in conjunction with California’s Labor Code and Other Statutes This article originally published in the Consumer Attorneys of California March/April 2018 Magazine. Download the PDF HERE. When Yowan Yang walked into my office, he was a defeated man. Yang’s coworker attacked him at work and the company he worked […]

  • 18-March-2018

    Excessive Force by Police Officers

    At times, when a police officer arrests someone who is suspected of, or is committing a crime, they must use physical force.  When the suspect appears to pose an immediate threat to the safety of an officer or third-parties, police may legally exert reasonable force as established by law enforcement policies, procedures, and laws. However, […]

  • 9-March-2018

    Former LAPD Officer Not Charged in Fatal Shooting of Brendon Glenn

    V. James DeSimone, attorney for Brendon Glenn’s family, offers these comments on behalf of his clients: “The family of Brendon Glenn is very disappointed that charges will not be filed. Officer Proctor did not act to deescalate the situation. Prior to shooting Brendon Glenn, he assaulted him in an aggressive and violent fashion. This tragic […]

  • 26-February-2018

    How Do I Know If I Have Been Wrongfully Terminated in California?

    In California, you may not realize that you work “at will.” This means you can essentially be fired without good cause, or without any cause at all. However, an employer cannot fire an employee for a bad reason such as discrimination or retaliation for making a complaint. While there are sincere reasons an employer can […]

  • 22-February-2018

    Attorney James DeSimone Featured on Gurvey’s Law Talk Show

    James DeSimone was recently featured on Gurvey’s Law, a talk show on KABC AM790 in the Los Angeles market. In this interview, attorneys Alan Gurvey and James DeSimone discuss love in the workplace, what’s appropriate and inappropriate, and what types of behavior cross the line into sexual harassment. As an expert employment litigation attorney who’s […]

  • 21-February-2018

    Attorney James DeSimone Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

    Attorney James DeSimone was featured in the February 2018 edition of “Attorney At Law” magazine which can be viewed here. The article is a great piece on the history of the law firm, how Mr. DeSimone became interested in employment & civil rights law, and how he approaches his practice. V. James DeSimone Law is […]

  • 19-February-2018

    James DeSimone Interviewed on Dominate Law Podcast

    Attorney James DeSimone was recently featured on Dominate Law’s podcast, and explores his history and background. In this interview, DeSimone discusses the recent movie “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”, the case of Steven Avery on “Making a Murderer”, the US bail system and seeking justice in the United States. You can listen to the entire interview […]

  • 19-February-2018

    Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

    Sexual harassment in the workplace has been an issue for many years, and V. James DeSimone has been involved with some landmark cases. With recent accounts of Hollywood icons and political representatives engaging in blatant sexual harassment, individuals are finally being forced to be held accountable for their actions. Although it’s a positive move towards […]

  • 14-February-2018

    Orange County Coroner’s 2017 Body Mix-Up Even Worse Than Reported

    Feb. 14, 2018 SANTA ANA, Calif. — One afternoon last spring Frank Kerrigan was told that his homeless, mentally ill son was found dead behind a store in Fountain Valley, Calif. A funeral home received the body, a funeral was held and the family grieved the loss of Frankie Jr.   For 17 days they […]

  • 12-February-2018

    California Paycheck & Compensation Laws

    As the cost of living in California rises every year, the need for a higher salary or hourly wage is almost mandatory. While most people are structuring their year on how they will accomplish big goals, others are dealing with employers who are struggling to pay them on time or holding their paychecks hostage. In […]

  • 5-February-2018

    4 Things You Need to Know About California’s Immigrant Worker Protection Act AB-450

    Effective January 1, 2018, California’s Immigrant Worker Protection Act has raised serious questions to both employees and employers about government intrusion into the workplace. Many undocumented immigrant workers are scared the government will conduct sweeps unexpectedly at their job site and begin deportation action. However, the immigrant worker protection act (AB-450) protects immigrant workers from […]

  • 27-December-2017

    Attorney DeSimone Interview

    James DeSimone was interviewed on KNX News on the topic of age discrimination and discriminatory job postings by Facebook and other companies. You can listen to the legal information and analysis here. If you feel you have been discriminated from a job opportunity, call Attorney James DeSimone today!