Yowan Yang v. Tech Company

Jim DeSimone prevails in workplace violence wrongful termination case. Federal Court Jury awards $2.4 million in compensation and $5 million in punitive damages. Mr. Yang began his employment with a federal contractor providing tech support to the Federal Aviation Administration. Approximately 18 months after Mr. Yang was hired,another company took over the contract and became Yang’s employer. Throughout his history with the company, Yang had consistent performance reviews and merit-based increases, and was given a raise just 14 days prior to his termination. The company then hired another person in the same role as Yang and the employee violently attacked Yang, screaming death threats, after an argument about moving cubicle spaces. The company terminated the employment of Yang and the other employee, without performing an investigation. Read the full press release here and contact V. James DeSimone Law if you are in need of a qualified employment lawyer.

James DeSimone discusses the Yowan Yang case involving wrongful termination and workplace violence.

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