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Attorney DeSimone Named 2014 Clay Civil Rights Lawyer Of The Year

When you have been the victim of a civil rights law issue, it is important to act quickly in your pursuit of justice. At V. James DeSimone Law, our Los Angeles civil rights attorneys have three decades of experience representing individuals through complex cases. We know what it takes to guide you throughout every facet of a case from investigation to conclusion. It is our goal to see that justice is served and that your civil rights are upheld.

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Cases We Handle

If law enforcement uses excessive or deadly force, it constitutes a civil rights violation under State and Federal law. At V. James DeSimone Law, our Attorneys have experience successfully trying cases in both State and Federal Courts. We also handle egregious cases of malicious prosecution, false arrest and false imprisonment.

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All of the above actions violate your basic civil rights and you shouldn’t have to deal with this situation alone. Should you sustain injury due to excessive force or lose your job because of false imprisonment, our firm can work to help you receive a settlement from the guilty party. This can help you move forward in the most positive manner possible. Don’t hesitate to learn how our firm can help you. V. James DeSimone is a civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles serving Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside and all of Southern California.

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