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If you have experienced false arrest or imprisonment, there is so much on the line that you could lose. At V. James DeSimone Law, our Los Angeles civil rights law lawyers understand how difficult it could be and the various ways in which this could affect you. Our team has 30 years of experience representing individuals who have had their rights violated by law enforcement officers. It is important to act swiftly if you have experienced this hardship and our team is here to help you get through the process from start to finish.

False arrest or imprisonment can impact your:

  • Reputation
  • Good name
  • Career
  • Relationships

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Protect Your Rights

Your rights are very important and it is extremely crucial to act swiftly to retain legal counsel. Far too often, individuals are arrested where there is no probable cause to arrest. False arrest can also arise where someone recklessly or maliciously provides information to the police or if the officer is acting out of spite. Our team at V. James DeSimone Law takes these violations of your rights very seriously and, if your case is accepted for representation, we stand by your side at all times to make sure you understand your options moving forward.

Our firm has been recognized numerous times for our legal ability and skill in the courtroom. We know how to build a strong case strategy in order to help you seek justice. You can move forward in confidence knowing that our team is on your side. Don’t deal with this alone and don’t allow the law enforcement officer to get away with his or her actions. Our team is here to stand by your side. V. James DeSimone is a false arrest attorney in Los Angeles with over 30 years of civil rights experience. If you or a family member was mistakenly arrested or imprisoned, we want to hear from you today. Serving Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside & all of Southern California.

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