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V. James DeSimone Quoted in NY Daily News -

NY Daily News: Lawsuits against police over Texas school shooting would be challenging, legal experts say:  “Unless police officers engaged in conduct that created the danger, they are usually immune for failing to intervene,” [said] DeSimone, who has brought lawsuits against police departments.
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James DeSimone quoted in NYT DealBook -

It is unclear whether excluding job seekers from certain states is illegal”, DeSimone told DealBook, “because the laws are new and haven’t been tested in the courts“. The language in the Colorado postings “doesn’t seem to be discriminatory per se on the basis of a protected class, such as gender, but it could have an impact,” he said.

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James DeSimone Quoted in Recent News -

Article: More companies are relaxing their drug-testing rules. Here’s whyPost-pandemic, it’s a whole new world, and employers should tailor employment policies to shape their workplace as a welcoming place to work, while spelling out performance expectations and conduct policies.” – James DeSimone.  Read More on – Subscription may be required.

State To Pay $3.5 Million in Inmate’s Killing at Women’s Prison -

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has agreed to a $3.5 million settlement to compensate the mother and teenage son of a woman beaten to death by her cellmate inside the California Institution for Women in Chino.

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Riverside County Employee Died of Covid-19, Family Alleges Supervisors Ignored Safety Measures -

Lawsuit: A Riverside County employee died of Covid-19 he contracted at work; his supervisors ignored safety measures and repeated requests to work from home. See full press release here: Riverside County Employee Died of Covid-19, Family Alleges Supervisors Ignored Safety Measures

Read full press release here: Lawsuit: A Riverside County employee died of Covid-19 he contracted at work; his supervisors ignored safety measures and repeated requests to work from home

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CNBC:Companies face a tangle of state policies following Supreme Court ruling against federal vaccine mandate
LA Times:
Riverside County ignored pleas of at-risk worker who died of COVID-19, family’s lawsuit alleges
Family Of Riverside County Employee Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over His Exposure To COVID-19 At Work
Newsweek: Attorney Calls Man’s Death After Contracting COVID at Work ‘Warning Sign’ for Businesses
Family Of Riverside County Employee Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over His Exposure To COVID-19 At Work
Family Sues Riverside County For Loved One’s Death From COVID-19
Fox 11:
 Family accuses employer of making their loved one work on-site despite pleas to work remotely
Fox 10 Phoenix: Family accuses employer of making their loved one work on-site despite pleas to work remotely
NBC Palm Springs: Family Of Riverside County Member Who Died From COVID-19 Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Over Exposure To COVID-19 At Work
Telemundo: Demandan a condado de Riverside por muerte de empleado debido a complicaciones por COVID-19 
La Opinión: Familia de empleado fallecido por COVID demandó al Condado de Riverside por presunta negligencia laboral
Press Enterprise: Riverside County Employees Covid-19 Death Could Have Been Prevented Lawsuit Alleges
The Mercury News: Riverside County Employees Covid-19 Death Could Have Been Prevented Lawsuit Alleges

Groundbreaking ruling handed down in sex harassment and retaliation case -

Judge names HR staffing firm co-employer in ongoing suit headed to trial

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 15, 2021— A Miami, Florida, company providing human-resource services can be considered a co-employer, according to a ruling handed down by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge in a workplace sexual harassment lawsuit.

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Unjustly beaten by deputies, left with a traumatic brain injury, Black man files federal civil rights lawsuit against LA County Sheriff. -

The New York resident, Andre Olivas, was pulled over for driving a rental truck he was unaware had expired tags. See Full Press Release Here.

NBC: Traffic Stop Video: New York Man Files Excessive Force Lawsuit Against LA Deputies
Lee Bailey’s EURWeb: Andre Olivas is Suing LA Sheriff Dept. – He was Brutally Beaten After Traffic Stop | WATCH

James DeSimone Represents Family in Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Visalia Police -

A schizophrenic man was in crisis. Police directed a K-9 to maul his face, delayed first aid, withheld information from doctors and tossed him barely dressed in jail without medication, lawsuit says. See Full Press Release Here

Telemundo: Policía de Visalia enfrenta nueva demanda tras someter a un hombre con un K9 
ABC: Lawsuit against Visalia police alleges excessive force after K-9 was used on mentally ill man Visalia PD being sued after attorneys say K9 mauled schizophrenic man

James DeSimone Quoted on Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict -

V. James DeSimone provides expert commentary on Kyle Rittenhouse Trial in Newsweek and People Magazine.


Black Army Lieutenant Accuses Harrah’s Casino of Human Rights Violations and False Imprisonment -

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Deja Harrison, 23, experienced race and gender discrimination when the manager denied her entry into the casino and called the police, the lawsuit states. The manager’s discriminatory bias was so profound, he even refused to scan her valid military ID, as caught on a now viral video of the encounter. Harrison is now represented by attorney James DeSimoneSee full press release here. – Harrah’s New Orleans Faces Civil Rights Complaint, Woman Refused Entry

Gay Black Man Accuses Google and Allied Universal of Allowing Unrelenting Workplace Harassment -

Lawsuit: Managers refused to protect the security guard from a supervisor’s persistent threats and abuse – See full press release here.


Family Seeks Justice for Unarmed Man Killed in Custody of Stockton PD -

The victim’s family is filing a lawsuit against the City of Stockton and the SPD Chief and Officers: See full press release here.

V. James DeSimone Named Top Labor & Employment Lawyer of the Year -

The legal trade publication, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, is honoring DeSimone in an upcoming special edition.

See full press release here. 

Family to hold peaceful protest over LAPD’s use of force in man’s death -

Family members, including the mother and son of Daniel Rivera, and DeSimone, a Los Angeles civil rights attorney, are set to speak at the protest  in downtown Los Angeles. See full press release here.

Attorney V. James DeSimone Quoted on Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protestors. -

Lawsuit filed over police abuse of press at Floyd protests -

Photojournalist Nicholas Stern was presenting his press credentials when officers fired on him for the first time.

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., May 3, 2021 – LAPD officers directly shot rubber bullets, tear gas bombs and pepper spray projectiles at unarmed and peaceful journalists during a George Floyd protest, and targeted journalists, according to a federal lawsuit to be filed Tuesday by a man attacked at the scene despite his press credentials.

See Press Release Here

LA Times: Photojournalists sue LAPD, L.A. County sheriff over alleged abuses at protests

KFI AM 640: Photographer Sues City

My News LA: Photographer Sues City, LAPD Chief Over Injuries at Street Protest

Family of woman fired for having cancer wins rare ruling from California Court of Appeal -

Company acted in conscious disregard of Maria Lopez’s health when they trumped up reasons to fire their top salesperson, knowing she had cancer

 LOS ANGELES, CALIF., April 16, 2021 — An auto parts company violated fair employment laws so flagrantly in firing a woman for having cancer that her family was justly awarded punitive damages 30 times the economic damages she suffered, according to a California Court of Appeal ruling published April 15.

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Attorney V. James DeSimone Quoted – International Story – 30th Year Rodney King Anniversary -

Family calls for independent investigation of Visalia PD K9 Unit after mauling of intellectually disabled man – city and officers are also hit with federal civil rights lawsuit -

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Attorney James DeSimone to be Legal Analyst on Law & Crime -

Attorney James DeSimone to be Legal Analyst on Law & Crime

Top 100 Super Lawyer in Southern California for the Fifth Time -

V. James DeSimone Law is proud to share the news that for the 5th Time (4 years in a row), principal Attorney James (“Jim”) has been honored as a Top 100 Super Lawyer for Southern California, across all practice areas. We are especially proud because our team achieved this as civil rights lawyers, remaining true to our ideals, representing the underdog and having truth and justice as our guide. We are still fighting the good fight and, indeed, there is still a lot of justice to be achieved. V. James DeSimone law continues to vigorously and compassionately advocate for our clients in police misconduct and excessive force cases, wrongful death, employment discrimination and harassment and personal, physical and emotional injury cases.

V. James DeSimone

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Fahren James v. The City of Los Angeles – Press Conference -

V. James DeSimone Law, represents 39-year-old Fahren  James, a Black Lives Matter activist who was peacefully protesting  May 30, 2020, during a George Floyd protest in Los Angeles.     In response, the LAPD engaged in blatant police brutality by shooting her at point blank range with projectiles and hitting her repeatedly with a baton.   The excessive force put Fahren in the hospital and left a permanent scar and hole in her stomach where metal fragments remain.   V. James DeSimone Law held a press conference describing the police misconduct incident and the civil rights lawsuit to achieve justice for Ms. James.

You can also see more here:

Recent article by My News

Recent article by

Recent article by Los Angeles Sentinel

Original Press Release:

V. James DeSimone Law is representing 39-year-old Fahren  James, a Black Lives Matter activist who was shot in the stomach and arm and hit repeatedly with a baton during a May 30, 2020, George Floyd protest in Los Angeles by Los Angeles police officers.

On May 30,  2020, Ms. James, an African American woman, gathered in West Hollywood to participate in a peaceful protest in a display of support for Black Lives Matter and the families and memory of Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) deaths at the hands of law enforcement, in particular George Floyd.

According to Ms. James the LAPD officers at no time announced any order or command to her, nor were any general orders to disperse announced. She had turned away from the officers for a brief period of time when, without provocation, a female LAPD officer, struck her on her back with a baton. Ms. James turned toward the LAPD officer and asked why the officer struck her with the officer’s baton as she placed her arms in front of her to protect herself from further injury. The LAPD officer jabbed her in her torso and elbow with the baton multiple times. A male LAPD officer next to the female officer beating Ms. James with her baton held his gun that shot projectiles aimed at Ms. James. The male LAPD officer directly shot her twice from point-blank range with bullets that left metal fragments in her stomach. One shot struck Ms.James in the abdomen and another shot struck her under her left arm which she raised in vain to protect herself.

After shooting Ms. James, the officers provided no medical care or call for care for her as she stood on the sidewalk bleeding and bruised from the inflicted baton strikes and metal projectile blasts.  She and other witnesses begged the officers to provide medical care or transportation to no avail. Ms. James’s injuries were so severe that she was hospitalized for several days. She continues to have metal fragments lodged in her stomach from the shots fired by the police officers along with noticeable scars.


V. James DeSimone in the Los Angeles Times -

Being “old school”, I read the Los Angeles Times newspaper every morning with my breakfast and coffee. While this legal battle is far from over, I will admit to getting a certain thrill in seeing the story and photo in the actual newspaper where it is today. We intend to get justice. LAPD, you can’t promote Officers who use excessive force and violate the constitutional rights of people and when you do, we will make you pay.

The Los Angeles Times highlights a legal battle against the LAPD where Jim DeSimone is fighting to have the City of Los Angeles and its Police Department held accountable for promoting its Officer after he was found to used excessive force and violated his client’s constitutional rights.  Jim and his team won the underlying federal civil rights trial and achieved a nearly $900,000 civil rights judgment.   The case exemplifies V. James DeSimone’s commitment to fighting police misconduct, police excessive force and for the respect of civil and constitutional rights.  

V. James DeSimone argues in the 9th Circuit to hold the LAPD and City of Los Angeles accountable. -

V. James DeSimone argues in the 9th Circuit to hold the LAPD and City of Los Angeles accountable for promoting a police officer to Sergeant after he was found liable for the malicious use of excessive force and violation of the United State Constitution.

James DeSimone Featured on NPR -

NPR logoAttorney V. James DeSimone, featured on NPR for the article “Political Divisions Drive Police Brutality Lawsuit Settlements“.

“Comes A Time” Podcast -

Attorney V. James DeSimone, featured on “Comes A Time” Podcast.

August 6th, 2019 -

Press Release – Los Angeles Jury Orders UC Regents To Pay Woman $1.58 Million In Case Involving Claims Of Hostile Work Environment

ABC 7 News: UCLA hospital worker awarded $1.5 million in racial harassment lawsuit

ABC News UCLA Discrimination Verdict

February 01, 2019 -

Press Release – Judge Grants Trial in San Bernardino Sheriff Helicopter-Shooting


November 28, 2018 -

Press Release – V. James DeSimone Law Obtains $500,000 Punitive Damages

Family of Maria Lopez vs The Wheel Group

July 25, 2017 -

V. James DeSimone honored as a Top Labor and Employment Lawyer in the State of California

February 15, 2017 -

V. James DeSimone Law Achieves Top 20 Impact Jury Verdict in the State of California.

January 24, 2017 -

$7.4 million workplace violence, wrongful termination verdict upheld by Trial Judge in Yang v. Company.

December 19, 2016 -

L.A. to pay more than $8 million to settle lawsuits over deadly shootings by LAPD. Attorney V. James DeSimone Law achieves $4 million settlement for the family of Brendon Glenn. The wrongful death was caused by LAPD Police Officer Proctor’s unjustified, excessive, deadly force.

October 27, 2016 -

Jim DeSimone spoke at Los Angeles County Bar Seminar on Reasonable Accommodation in Employment

October 20, 2016 -

Jim DeSimone spoke at the Disability Rights Bar Association Conference on the topic of Gun Violence and Disabled Persons.

October 6, 2016 -

Jim DeSimone leads team to achieve $2.85 million police chokehold wrongful death settlement.

September 20, 2016 -

Attorney DeSimone interviewed by Fox 11 News regarding young man who was shot by a Sheriff.

July 21, 2016 -

Jim DeSimone honored as a Top Labor and Employment Lawyer in California by the Los Angeles Daily Law Journal.

July 21, 2016 -

Police Commission Finds Shooting by LAPD Police Officer Unjustified. Civil Rights Attorney Jim DeSimone speaks out on behalf of the family of Brendon Glenn.

May 5, 2016 -

San Bernardino family seeks justice for life long injuries caused by police helicopter shooting on a crowded freeway.

UPDATE May 11, 2016: San Bernandino Sheriff Faces Suit for Crash During High-Speed Chase

April 29, 2016 -

Lawsuit: Female inmates in Newport Beach are unfairly treated.

UPDATE May 9, 2016: Lawsuit accuses Newport of violating women’s civil rights in jail booking

January 15, 2016 -

Jim DeSimone Law files federal and state civil rights lawsuit alleging wrongful death against LAPD officer

January 17, 2015 -

Jim DeSimone to speak on Civil Rights Law on January 17 at Loyola Law School, sponsored by the Mexican American Bar Association

July 31, 2014 -

DeSimone achieves $2.5 million settlement on behalf of family of mentally ill student shot and killed by campus police.

February 21, 2014 -

Jim DeSimone awarded California Civil Rights Lawyer of the Year by California Lawyer

January 31, 2014 -

V. James DeSimone Wins Case of Defamation, Achieving a $1.5 Million Verdict

August 06, 2013 -

Jim DeSimone achieved $1.2 million civil rights and harassment verdict when asylum officer demanded sexual favors and money from two Chinese asylum applicants

April 30, 2013 -

Attorney Jim DeSimone to Speak at Santa Monica Bar on Secrets to Success at Trial in Civil Rights Excessive Force Cases

January 23, 2013 -

James DeSimone honored as Top Lawyer in Southern California

November 12, 2012 -

Jim DeSimone and Client Allen Harris to hold Press Conference against LAPD Police Brutality on November 13, 2012, 10:00 a.m. Courthouse Steps Los Angeles Superior Court 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles California

November 8, 2012 -

Jim DeSimone Achieves $1,686,000 Police Misconduct Jury Verdict: LAPD Officer Found Liable for Excessive Force, Violation of Civil Rights and Punitive Damage

July 13, 2011 -

V. James DeSimone Honored as Top Twenty Plaintiff Employment Lawyers in the State of California by Daily Journal

July 6, 2011 -

Class action lawsuit against the Angels and City of Anaheim Regarding Disability Discrimination

November 8, 2010 -

V. James DeSimone Represents Client in Excessive Force Case Resulting in $160,000 Verdict

September 3, 2010 -

Immigrants Can Sue Over Sexual Assaults

July 15, 2009 -

V. James DeSimone Honored as Top 10 Plaintiff Employment Lawyers in the State of California by Daily Journal

November 29, 2007 -

March 22, 2005 -

Woman Awarded $2.1 Million for Walgreens Arrest

August 11, 2004 -

Jury Convicts Ex-INS Official of Trying to Trade Asylum for Sex

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