Media Appearances

Media Appearances


Civil rights attorney, James DeSimone, on the Kevin Spacey “not guilty”

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Attorney V. James DeSimone quoted on Andrew Cuomo Resignation on

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Attorney V. James DeSimone argues in the 9th Circuit to hold the LAPD and City of Los Angeles accountable.
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Attorney V. James DeSimone, featured on “Comes A Time” Podcast.
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Jim DeSimone represents the family for the shooting of Brendon Glenn against the city.
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Attorney V. James DeSimone interviewed by Fox 11 News regarding a young man who was shot by a Sheriff in Norwalk.
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Jim DeSimone’s argues to 9th Circuit that Federal Civil Rights verdict in Xue Lu v. United States of America should be upheld.
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Do you know your legal rights to privacy? Check out Jim DeSimone’s Privacy Rights Podcast.
Privacy Rights Podcast

Listen to and read up on Jim DeSimone’s “How To” on protecting your privacy rights on social media!
How To: Protect Your Rights on Social Media
On the Record Podcast Social Media Privacy Article

Jim Desimone represents victim whose awarded 1.6 million due to excessive force used by the LAPD.
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