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Catastrophic injuries are personal injury cases that involve serious injuries that generally result in temporary or permanent disability, (including loss of limb, hearing, or sight), or death. Victims and the immediate family members can suffer severe emotional, physical, and financial stress due to catastrophic injuries. In most cases, the victims require constant care and supervision after a catastrophic injury. This disrupts the daily life of the victim’s family members as well.

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What Should You Know About Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Catastrophic injuries typically involve a long recovery period and individuals who suffer from this type of injury have to undergo multiple surgical procedures and possibly a lifetime of medications. If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury in an accident, you can sue the guilty party to obtain compensation for your injuries and the amount of compensation will depend on the extent and type of injuries.

Individuals can suffer from many different types of catastrophic injuries. These injuries can be suffered in a serious car, truck, or motorcycle accident or other traumatic incident. The resulting injuries can be life changing:

Drivers and pedestrians are often common victims of catastrophic injuries. But catastrophic injury can be caused by intentional or negligent conduct in the workplaces, at schools or other business establishments. These injuries lead to various serious problems for the victims and victims may have to undergo surgeries or rehabilitation that will result in increased medical expenses. Moreover, catastrophic injuries from car accidents and other incidents may result in extended loss of income due to days missed at work. It may also lead to reduced quality of life due to difficulties in performing daily tasks.

How Loss & Compensation Is Calculated in a Catastrophic Injury Case?

The compensatory damages for a catastrophic injury depend on different factors. Some of the factors that affect the compensation amount include the following:

  • Loss of wages
  • Medical care expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional problem
  • Loss of consortium
  • Long-term life plan

Apart from the above factors, the court will find out whether the defendant acted with deliberate and “actual malice”. The compensation for deliberate intent to injure can be higher when compared to injury caused by neglect or reckless actions. The jury may award punitive damages in order to punish the defendant for the deliberate act resulting in an injury.

Hire Experienced Attorneys for Personal Injury Matters

If you or your loved one have suffered from a catastrophic injury, you should consider hiring legal professionals for the case. Getting legal representation from an experienced Los Angeles injury attorney at V. James DeSimone Law is important.

Often an insurance company tries to settle cases outside of court quickly to avoid litigation, and the potential verdict against them. However, you should not agree to any terms of the company without first getting the counsel of one of our experienced attorneys. An experienced injury attorney will make a thorough evaluation of the case. Our legal professionals will provide you with expert counsel regarding your matter. You will know what evidence to collect in order to prove the guilt of the defendant without any reasonable doubt. Retaining V. James DeSimone Law will increase the chances of a successful settlement or court outcome if your matter goes to trial.

With the help of a catastrophic injury lawyer, you will learn about how to best present your case before the jury and the judge. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney will have:

  • the financial resources to pay for trial expenses until you receive a judgment at trial
  • the experience in interviewing clients and looking at evidence to prove the case
  • the knowledge of how to best present the evidence that proves liability against the guilty party

A catastrophic injury attorney will take care to preserve all evidence and ensure that all the evidence is properly recorded and presented in court through effective technological presentation. Skilled advocacy and superb evidence presentation will help influence and convince the court or jury about the liability of the defendant. Having an Attorney who is willing to go to trial for you increases the chances that you get the maximum possible compensation from the guilty party.

Experienced Catastrophic Injuries Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Finding the right catastrophic injury attorney is critical to the outcome of your matter. You should thoughtfully retain an attorney after looking at the credentials, experience, and recognition for excellent legal representation.

If you are looking for a highly experienced, skilled, and award-winning catastrophic injury attorney in Los Angeles, you should contact V. James DeSimone Law firm today. We have a team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Marina Del Rey who can fight for your case. Our expert legal services will give you peace of mind after a devastating injury so that you can focus on making a complete recovery.

Don’t Exceed the California Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

After a debilitating accident, it’s understandable to focus on recovery and stabilizing your financial situation before choosing to pursue legal action. However, you shouldn’t wait too long to pursue compensation. You need to contact an expert negotiator and trial attorney to pursue your interests before you exceed the statute of limitations.

As per the statute of limitation in California, you have two years after sustaining the injury or discovery of the injury to file a case. You can lose your right to obtain an adequate compensation for your injuries if you don’t file the case within the statutory limit.

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