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Motor vehicle collisions generally result in serious injuries. Individuals involved in a vehicle collision can suffer from deep tissue lacerations, broken bones, brain and spinal injuries and even amputations. Serious injuries can result in lifelong disability causing emotional and financial stress to the victim and the immediate family members.

Justice demands that the party responsible for the vehicle accident compensate the victim for the losses. You can count at highly experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys at V. James DeSimone Law firm to make sure that you get the required compensation for your losses. From our Office in Marina del Rey, we work with clients throughout Southern California who’ve suffered considerable injuries in vehicle accidents.

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About Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Millions of people have died in a serious vehicle accident in the US. Records from the California Office of Traffic Safety show that “traffic fatalities in California increased 7 percent from 3,387 in 2015 to 3,623 in 2016”. Car, truck, and motorcycle collisions can result in serious injuries that can cause lifelong complications. Some of the injuries that individuals sustain in a vehicle accident include the following.

  • Deep tissue lacerations — The damage to the tissue can be extensive that could result in an infection.
  • Broken bones — The injury can be extremely painful requiring a surgery. Also, the injury normally takes a long time to heal.
  • Brain injuries — The injury results in a concussion or contusion, internal bleeding, lacerations, and skull fractures requiring surgery. In the majority of cases, the head and brain injury result in permanent disability resulting in loss of earning.
  • Burn injuries — Burn injuries can result in case the vehicle catches fire after the accident.
  • Spinal cord injuries — A damage to the spinal cord can have serious health complications. The individual may become handicapped and remain dependent on others for daily activities.
  • Herniated Disc — The injury results in severe pain as the disks that act as a cushion between vertebrae or backbones protrudes and presses the adjacent spinal nerves.
  • Whiplash injury — The injury occurs due to rapid backward and forward movement of the head in an accident.

The claim for a vehicle accident injury should be filed against the negligent driver or their insurance company who caused the accident. In case the driver was employed by a taxi or transportation company, you can also bring a case against the company for not taking due care in employing and/or training the driver.

Determining Fault & Liability in Motor Vehicle Collision Cases

Determining fault in a car accident case is not always easy. Most drivers deny their involvement in the accident even if they knew they were at fault. Proving a vehicle accident case often proves difficult. The evidence should show without any reasonable doubt that the defendant’s intentional or reckless driving resulted in the accident. This is something that you should leave to the professional accident attorneys at V. James DeSimone Law to handle.

Filing a Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawsuit in Los Angeles, CA

You should file a serious motor vehicle accident without delay. As per California Statute of Limitations, you have 2 years from the date of the accident, or discovery of injuries due to the accident, to file a personal injury lawsuit.

However, before filing a demand or lawsuit, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney. A professional attorney will advise you on the steps you need to take to increase the chances of a favorable court outcome and will represent your best interests. The insurance company, along with their army of defense attorneys want to minimize the compensation paid on behalf of their customer – the other driver. It would be incredibly difficult to prove your case if you decide to fight the legal battle alone.

The experienced auto accident attorneys at V. James DeSimone will gather evidence, interview witnesses, talk to medical experts, and other relevant persons to help secure the maximum amount of compensation for your matter. In addition, our legal experts will look at police report to find out the cause of the accident and present the evidence in such a way will help the jury to visualize the accident and determine the guilt of the driver should your case go to trial. With the help of our Marina Del Rey car accident attorneys, we will gather evidence that can help prove the liability of the defendant beyond any reasonable doubt.

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Contact V. James DeSimone Law to get in touch with a trusted and renowned motor vehicle lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. Our team of expert litigators has shown dedication and commitment for fighting for justice that has resulted in several accolades and awards including Southern California Super Lawyer award — 2009-2018, Westside Bar Associations’ 2017 Trial Attorney of the Year, CLAY Civil Rights Lawyer of the Year Award, among others. You can rest assured of getting the very best legal representation when you contact us for your motor vehicle accident case.

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