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Schools have a duty to provide a high standard of care to every child. The management, principles, and teachers have the legal duty to ensure that every child is safe and secure within the school premises. The duty includes taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of any potential harm. V. James DeSimone Law are school negligence attorneys in Los Angeles who protect the rights and safety of those who are too young to protect themselves.

When school management and the employees have been negligent in protecting your child from harm, you can pursue compensation through legal action. As parents ourselves, we fully understand how traumatizing it can be for parents if their child gets hurt (or worse), due to bullying at school, actions of or the negligence of staff or conduct which is sexually harassing. V. James DeSimone Law pursues compensation from negligent schools who have placed children into harm’s way, or attempted a cover up to protect staff. That’s why we make sure that the guilty party is held accountable for the negligence at school and help prevent it from happening to other children in the future.

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What are School Negligence Cases?

Contrary to the common view, schools are not immune to negligence cases. A school may be sued for negligence in a variety of cases some of which include the following:

  • Not taking measures to prevent bullying or sexual harassment at school
  • Discrimination
  • Failing to prevent sex harassment or sexual assault
  • Severe punishment
  • Injury or death due to an accident at premises or field trips
  • Improper supervision during a recess, lunch, or gym class
  • Failing to adequately supervise children resulting in harm or injury

Any of the above may be a basis for a school negligence lawsuit. You can contact our school negligence lawyers to take legal action against the school and/or the staff whose negligence resulted in harm to your child.

Another important thing that you should realize regarding school negligence cases is that there is a statute of limitations. You are allowed to file a school negligence lawsuit within a two-year statutory period after the injury or any harm to your child. If you wait too long to file a case, you will lose the right to recovery.

Who is Liable in a School Negligence Case?

An important question regarding school negligence is who is liable in the event of injury or any other harm to your child. If a child gets hurt due to the negligence of the staff, the school or school district may be liable for the employee’s negligence. In other words, you can sue the school to get a legal remedy for your negligence of the staff.

In the majority of eligible cases, schools are found liable for injuries that occur due to the action or inaction of the staff. We work with experienced experts in education and safety to demonstrate how following safety standards protect all of our children.

Important Elements of School Negligence

School negligence has four distinct elements. The elements are an important part of a legal claim. We need to establish the elements of negligence if you want to obtain compensation for harm to your child. These elements include the following:

  • A Duty to Care — Providing a duty of care is a critical element of responsibility. All schools have the legal duty to care for students.
  • Breach of the Duty to Care — Another important element of negligence is the breach of the duty to care. The school management or the staff must have failed to provide reasonable care resulting in harm to the child.
  • Direct Causation — The breach of duty to care must be directly responsible for harm to the child.
  • Damages — The negligence must have resulted in a physical, emotional or psychological harm to the children.

All the above elements must be provable to obtain compensation for school negligence. Proving these elements in the court is difficult and this is where the services of the school negligence lawyers of V. James DeSimone Law in Los Angeles become indispensable.

Why You Should Hire a School Negligence Lawyer

Cases involving school negligence are not that easy to fight in the court. Schools generally go to great lengths to reduce their liability in any case and they have a team of highly experienced defense attorneys on their side. Even if evidence shows that the school is clearly to blame for negligence, their legal staff can attempt to maneuver the evidence to absolve them of all fault.

In order to increase your chances of winning a school negligence case, you should partner with an experienced lawyer who has decades of experience in fighting similar cases.

Our experienced Los Angeles school negligence & injury attorneys will look at all the evidence surrounding the case. If your matter is eligible, our lawyers will represent you during the entire process to give you the best opportunity of the guilty party paying for their negligence. Getting the help of an attorney from V. James DeSimone Law will increase the odds of a favorable court outcome of a school negligence case.

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V. James DeSimone Law firm has a team of lawyers with decades of experience in all types of personal injury cases involving school negligence. Our expert school accident attorneys are dedicated to helping families recover of the maximum possible compensation and prevent similar situations for children in the future.

Our Marina Del Rey lawyers serve Los Angeles and have a wealth of knowledge of cases involving school negligence, school injuries and accidents. You can call us today to find out the next steps to file a complaint or lawsuit against a school in California. We can help you file a claim and represent your best interests in the court.

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