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Injured by the Police While Protesting in Southern California?

injured protester lawsuit press conferenceIn response to the murder of George Floyd, and other incidents of police violence tens of thousands of people in the City of Los Angeles exercised our cherished First Amendment Right to peaceably assemble in support of #blacklivesmatters. The Los Angeles Police Department, instead of protecting the rights of peaceful protesters engaging in the exercise of constitutional rights, responded by committing unnecessary police violence and excessive force, including running over people with cars, shooting rubber bullets into peaceful crowds, targeting journalists and others who were speaking out, and subjecting arrestees to excessively tight handcuffs causing nerve damage, torturous conditions of confinement, sexual battery, and theft of their property.  

Our firm at V. James DeSimone Law is representing peaceful protesters who were injured or harmed by police brutality, excessive force or other police misconduct. I’ve been a civil rights lawyer in this community for over thirty years and these tactics of the LAPD and other police departments have been some of the most indiscriminately brutal that I have observed. In the coming week, we will be filing several more lawsuits on behalf of peaceful protestors who were seriously injured and will add to the news stories here when we do. If you or someone you know believe your rights have been violated, please call us at 310 693-5561 or submit a contact form here.

June 22, 2020

Press Release: LAPD Subjects Peaceful Protester to Inhumane Treatment, Alleges Lawsuit

KNX 1070:

FOX11: USC grad suing LAPD claims she was arrested, hand zip-tied

KCAL9: Protester Sues LAPD, Claims She Was Zip-Tied For 6 Hours

June 05, 2020

Press Release: Peaceful Protestor Hit by LAPD Vehicle Files Government Claim

ABC7: Protester speaks out after being struck by police vehicle in downtown LA

Los Angeles Times: LAPD chief expresses concern over videos of police violence during protests as calls mount for investigation

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