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Jim represented me and a colleague as lead plaintiffs in a class action overtime lawsuit against my company. While I believed my case was open and shut, Jim had to deal with a very well paid defense team that represented a rather dishonest company. He negotiated our initial settlement and mediation only to have to return to mediation because the defense attorneys had rewritten the final papers to include un-negotiated settlements. When they refused to change the language, he had to return to mediation to compel them. This is what sticks out most to me. He READ our settlement papers when in theory someone who didnt care or was too busy might not. Had our settlement papers not been fixed, it would have cost us all of our rights. Because of Jims work, my company pays overtime now. It has made a huge difference in the lives of our colleagues. My lawsuit was very complicated (in my mind) and Jim and his team were extremely professional and responsive to my questions. They always took me seriously, even when my questions were irrelevant. Jim was always up front with me and yet would take the time to calm me down when I felt agitated and frightened. Confidence and Professionalism means everything to me in this type of arena.

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