Workplace Violence Wrongful Termination Case

$2.4 Million Verdict Plus $5 Million In Punitive Damages

Awarded In Workplace Violence And Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2016) – – – Los Angeles employment lawyers Jim DeSimone of V. James DeSimone Law and Kaveh Navab of Navab Law yesterday obtained a $2.4 million verdict plus $5 million in punitive damages on behalf of their client who was the victim of workplace violence and wrongful termination.

Yowan Yang v. Company. (Case 2:14-cv-00792-AB-PJW) was heard in United States District Court, Central Division, by The Hon. André Birotte, Jr.

“After being fired “for cause”, Mr. Yang applied unsuccessfully for hundreds of jobs,” says DeSimone. “Mr. Yang lost his career, his apartment, his independence, his self-worth, and his self-esteem. The jury fairly compensated Mr. Yang and punished Company for its callous disregard of his rights.”

Yang began his employment with L-3 National Security Solutions, a federal contractor providing technical support to the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2008. In April 2010, Company took over the contract and employed Yang. Yang’s employment history included consistent strong performance reviews and merit raises, including a raise just two months prior to his termination.

Company hired Cy Tymony in the same capacity as Yang. Tymony was placed on the same team and in a cubicle four feet away. On July 24, 2012, over a workplace disagreement about moving cubicles, Tymony erupted and violently attacked Yang, choking him, screaming profanity-laced threats that he was going to kill Yang, and destroying Yang’s work station. In response, Company terminated the employment of Yang and Tymony, without performing an investigation.

In spite of receiving an investigation report from federal investigators two days after the incident revealing that Yang was a “complete victim,” no corrective action was taken by the defendants to investigate further, to communicate with Yang the findings of the investigation, or to rehire him. In fact, Company ignored Yang’s pleas for an explanation as to why he was terminated and his request for reinstatement.

“The jury sent a loud and clear message via this case to companies that harassment, workplace violence and termination will not be tolerated. Company never took responsibility for its wrongful conduct and the jury held them accountable.” said DeSimone.

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