V. James DeSimone: Giving Back to the Community

James DeSimone LATLCAs a deeply committed advocate for the oppressed, underprivileged, and marginalized of society, early in his career attorney James DeSimone began his career in 1987 representing lower-income families and individuals who needed but could not afford an attorney. When he started in private law practice, his work has been firmly grounded in his passionate belief in justice for all, not just some, and certainly not just for the rich.

Throughout attorney DeSimone’s career, he has fought vigilantly to protect individual’s Constitutional rights, especially as amended by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the federal law that prohibits discrimination against Americans based on gender, race, national origin, and religion and California’s Fair Employment & Housing Act.

Because James DeSimone believes in a philosophy and responsibility of giving back to his community, he volunteers significant time and money to various organizations, including the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities (LATLC), Venice Community Housing and California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA).

Fundraising and Volunteering at Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities

As an LATLC Honorary Board of Governors member, he donates his time and personal funds toward the many causes of this volunteer organization.

LATLC’s volunteers and sponsors include participating lawyers of all ethnicities, religions and law genres committed to improving, addressing and providing resources to mitigate the issues plaguing Los Angeles inner-city communities. Though the LATLC has many goals, a particular focus is toward keeping vulnerable inner-city children safe and enhancing their lives through after school and summer programs and access to superior education, the latter a critical factor toward breaking the poverty cycle.  James DeSimone giving back

The LATLC also provides support and therapeutic services to abuse survivors, pregnant teens, troubled youths, persons with disabilities, and the homeless by providing financial and direct assistance to needy persons and groups.

James DeSimone community service

Through events and fundraisers, LATLC raises hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly, money that goes directly to their many free programs. Of the many events they hold yearly, one is the Tryke Giveaway, which benefits children with disabilities by providing them with custom-fitted tricycles. For most of the child recipients, this was their first opportunity to ride a bike. Another free contributor event sponsored by LATLC is the yearly Holiday Turkey and Toy Giveaway where complete turkey dinners and toys were provided to 500 low-income families. Under project was the building of a playground in an inner-city community. To learn more about LATLC events, visit

Helping Train & Educate the Next Generation of Employee Advocates

As a civil rights and employment law attorney, James Desimone also volunteers his time with the CELA, a statewide organization of 1,200 lawyers who represent working people in the State of California.

“CELA exists to protect and expand the legal rights and opportunities of all California workers and to strengthen the community of lawyers who represent them … through education and advocacy” – CELA Mission Statement

James DeSimone teachingAttorney DeSimone volunteered his time during a recent CELA three-day trial lawyer college where he participated in teaching attorneys and law students how to, among other trial skills, conduct voir dire and interview potential jurors in preparation for trial. The proper questioning of potential jurors to determine their suitability and competency for jury service is an important component of ensuring a fair trial. Special skills and legal knowledge are imperative to questioning prospective jurors to determine biases and preconceived ideas that may preclude them from dealing with the trial issues fairly.

With attorney DeSimone’s breadth of knowledge and experience as a civil rights and employment lawyer, his cases range from wage and hour class actions to individual employment discrimination cases, and to the representation of families who’s loved ones were unjustly killed by police officers.

James DeSimone classroom

Because of attorney DeSimone’s zeal toward protecting justice and the rights of every citizen, he believes in, and puts his words into action through his volunteer and financial contributions, and is dedicated to giving back to his community.

For more information about how you or your community may benefit from the work of LATLC visit or their Facebook page. You can also learn more about CELA at Or if you have any questions you’d like to ask attorney James DeSimone, you can contact V. James DeSimone Law at 310-693-5561.

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