Fahren James v. The City of Los Angeles – Press Conference

V. James DeSimone Law, represents 39-year-old Fahren  James, a Black Lives Matter activist who was peacefully protesting  May 30, 2020, during a George Floyd protest in Los Angeles.     In response, the LAPD engaged in blatant police brutality by shooting her at point blank range with projectiles and hitting her repeatedly with a baton.   The excessive force put Fahren in the hospital and left a permanent scar and hole in her stomach where metal fragments remain.   V. James DeSimone Law held a press conference describing the police misconduct incident and the civil rights lawsuit to achieve justice for Ms. James.

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V. James DeSimone Law is representing 39-year-old Fahren  James, a Black Lives Matter activist who was shot in the stomach and arm and hit repeatedly with a baton during a May 30, 2020, George Floyd protest in Los Angeles by Los Angeles police officers.

On May 30,  2020, Ms. James, an African American woman, gathered in West Hollywood to participate in a peaceful protest in a display of support for Black Lives Matter and the families and memory of Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) deaths at the hands of law enforcement, in particular George Floyd.

According to Ms. James the LAPD officers at no time announced any order or command to her, nor were any general orders to disperse announced. She had turned away from the officers for a brief period of time when, without provocation, a female LAPD officer, struck her on her back with a baton. Ms. James turned toward the LAPD officer and asked why the officer struck her with the officer’s baton as she placed her arms in front of her to protect herself from further injury. The LAPD officer jabbed her in her torso and elbow with the baton multiple times. A male LAPD officer next to the female officer beating Ms. James with her baton held his gun that shot projectiles aimed at Ms. James. The male LAPD officer directly shot her twice from point-blank range with bullets that left metal fragments in her stomach. One shot struck Ms.James in the abdomen and another shot struck her under her left arm which she raised in vain to protect herself.

After shooting Ms. James, the officers provided no medical care or call for care for her as she stood on the sidewalk bleeding and bruised from the inflicted baton strikes and metal projectile blasts.  She and other witnesses begged the officers to provide medical care or transportation to no avail. Ms. James’s injuries were so severe that she was hospitalized for several days. She continues to have metal fragments lodged in her stomach from the shots fired by the police officers along with noticeable scars.


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