V. James DeSimone in the Los Angeles Times

Being “old school”, I read the Los Angeles Times newspaper every morning with my breakfast and coffee. While this legal battle is far from over, I will admit to getting a certain thrill in seeing the story and photo in the actual newspaper where it is today. We intend to get justice. LAPD, you can’t promote Officers who use excessive force and violate the constitutional rights of people and when you do, we will make you pay.

The Los Angeles Times highlights a legal battle against the LAPD where Jim DeSimone is fighting to have the City of Los Angeles and its Police Department held accountable for promoting its Officer after he was found to used excessive force and violated his client’s constitutional rights.  Jim and his team won the underlying federal civil rights trial and achieved a nearly $900,000 civil rights judgment.   The case exemplifies V. James DeSimone’s commitment to fighting police misconduct, police excessive force and for the respect of civil and constitutional rights.  

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