Former LAPD Officer Not Charged in Fatal Shooting of Brendon Glenn

V. James DeSimone, attorney for Brendon Glenn’s family, offers these comments on behalf of his clients:

“The family of Brendon Glenn is very disappointed that charges will not be filed. Officer Proctor did not act to deescalate the situation. Prior to shooting Brendon Glenn, he assaulted him in an aggressive and violent fashion. This tragic death could have been avoided with common sense policing. Officer Proctor lied in his account of the reason why he shot Brendon Glenn. As Chief Beck acknowledged, Brendon Glenn was not reaching for his partner’s gun when he shot and killed him. While we achieved justice through monetary compensation for Brendon’s son and mother, true justice can only be achieved in our criminal justice system when a life is taken. The inordinate delay and spineless decision not to prosecute highlights the conflict of interest when a District Attorney is tasked with the decision to prosecute police officers. Justice demands an independent prosecutor in these instances.”


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